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HTP 2015-2019


Pathwork Helpership Training Program

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Dates and Resources

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Original Invites, etc.

From Alison:

I am excited to inform you that the Helpership program that I’ve been designing for the past few years is ready to launch and starts on February 18th, 2015. The details of this program are at the end of this letter.

I am offering this training in my home in Amherst, MA. My intention is to create an intimate group of no more than six people where we can gather and create a Pathwork community experience for eight days at a time. We will cook and eat together, deeply immerse ourselves in our work together, and grow in God together as you initiate into becoming a Pathwork Helper.

Creating Pathwork Programs is a passion of mine. I have been involved in the Pathwork for 35 years and I have created, taught and supervised Helpership programs internationally. I was part of HAG (Helpers Association in God) a Pathwork Foundation subgroup that developed standards for Helpership trainings and approved of Helpership programs. Over the years, I have evolved this training to a place where I am now ready to create a new model of Helpership training that is distilled to its most essential experience. I’m deeply committed to training and supporting people to develop into psycho/spiritual Helpers, counselors, teachers and leaders.

In my teaching, I incorporate the 50/50 work created by Moira Shaw, my experience with energy consciousness through my craniosacral work, shamanism, and spiritual healing work, as well as my work with babies, children, adults and families as a pre and peri natal birth trauma therapist, somatic experiencing trauma therapist and play therapy.  My knowledge of the body is the result of my many years of study, as well as, my own personal journey earlier on In life from severe illness back to vibrant health.

Each year of the four-year program will include two eight-day classes held in Amherst, MA and 10 two-hour online classes. Five online classes will focus on teaching you the principles of the Pathwork from the perspective of helpership consciousness and five will be group supervision sessions to support you in your individual helper/worker session work. The supervision sessions will include the basics of how to develop your skills as a Helper or spiritual counselor, as well as, presenting case presentations. In your final year you will also have a senior project that will center on the subject of being in “service.”

Course Overview

The following is a general overview of what we will be studying over the four years:

  • You will learn how to approach the lectures from a helpership perspective; how to hold the lectures as a body of work and how to internally organize the work so that you can more easily guide and support others in their inner personal and spiritual journey.
  • You will study and integrate the 3 spheres of consciousness from the 50/50 work of Moira Shaw as a way to internalize and create a foundation for an overview of the body of the Pathwork material.
  • From day one, you will learn how to give sessions from the God space within you. You will also learn how to teach the lectures and lead process groups. You will work with what is called the 15 steps with your workers/clients as well as with your own personal process.
  • You will be taught skills to strengthen the integrity of your spiritual channel and develop your direct communication with your spiritual self, the spirit world and God. You will learn how open to and trust the spontaneous flow of spirit through your body. You will learn how to strengthen the ego so that it can be in service to your higher spirit, God and the experience of opening to guidance through your channel.
  • Part of the training is designed to help you develop psychodynamic diagnostic skills. As a Helper, you will need to learn how to recognize if someone has a personality disorder or a strong enough ego to even do this level of spiritual work. This skill makes it possible for you to make a choice as to whether you have the skills and tools to work with that worker/client or if you need to refer them to someone who does.
  • You will also have the opportunity to develop the ability to listen on a deeper level inside of yourself through prayer and meditation. You will explore what it means to open to God as your employer and to live in service. Being in service to God has the potential to change your life by knowing your calling and purpose, feeling more alive, and feeling a sense of happiness inside of you no matter what life brings your way.
  • In Helpership Training you will be developing the skills to hold space not only for the joy, light and greatness in yourself and others, but also for the weak and undeveloped dark aspects as well. You will develop skills to hold a grounded space for individual, universal, and God consciousness to safely awaken inside of yourself and others.
  • Another interesting and important skill you will be developing is finding your own individual relationship with the true consciousness and energy of words. We often have allergic reactions to different words. Any word you have an emotional reaction to has a valuable piece of information in it for your self-purification. We will also be exploring how words used with consciousness can be such a powerful tool to manifest the realities you wish to create.
  • Some of the qualities that make a Pathwork Helper special are the ability to work with and to accept reality as it is. This means that a helper works to pull themselves and others out of how they would like things to be (where they have colluded with illusion and duality) so they can accept reality as it actually is. Letting go of the push-pull towards the good and away from bad allows you to get off of the hamster wheel of duality where most of humanity is caught. You can unify the opposites when you accept them as they are. Healing the split places within us allows for the true possibility of transformation and unity consciousness.
  • As a Helper, you’re not only supporting the human journey, but the soul’s journey. In a sense you are a soul doctor supporting people to heal their soul wounds that they have incarnated to purify and transform. You learn how to be with the larger perspective of the human condition from a neutral place. You also develop the ability to relax into the spiritual meaning of a situation that goes beyond a personality’s interpretation of it. And it is this spiritual meaning that has the potential to give purpose to suffering, despair, hopelessness, trauma and crisis. It is this deeper meaning that can also create a whole new opportunity for someone to rise above a difficult situation, see the truth and claim their power back.


Thank you for bearing with this lengthy letter as I share my enthusiasm to communicate and transmit my calling to teach this new Helpership training. Originally I had created this program to meet the needs of a couple of my Japanese students.  Then others started requesting information about it.  Now I have decided to open this program to a few more that might be interested.   If you are receiving this letter you have either contacted me or you have been referred to me.  Due to the fact that this program starts in about a month’s time, if you are interested, please call me to set up an interview soon. I would love to hear about your calling to become a Pathwork Helper and to see if this program  is right for you.



Best Wishes,


Alison Greene-Barton


Basic Program Details

The upcoming dates for the two eight-day in-person classes are:

In Person Course 1

February 18th – 25th, 2015.  I realize that most of you will be traveling long distances to get here so that you can arrive on the 17th and also leave on the 26th if you need to.

In Person Course 2

August 1st – 8th, 2015 You can arrive on July 31st and leave August 9th.

The 10 online classes we will try to arrange together due to the small size of the class.  I will send you possible dates for you to check off and then I will compile them for the group’s approval.


The basic cost for the Helpership Transformation Program per year will be $3950.00.  The program is 4 years long. That includes 16 days of in person classes at my home and 10 two-hour online classes per year.

I have done everything I can to keep the costs of the program down by not getting a caterer and instead offering easy self serve breakfast food, lunch and easy menu dinners that we can all prepare together.  I have done this for many workshops and it has been quite successful.  I also provide beds and blow up beds in my home so that we can all be together but sometimes people prefer to stay in a near by hotel.  Both can work.  Staying at my home is a cheaper option to help with the overall costs.


Other costs to account for are:

  • 20 personal sessions with your helper each year.  Price depends on the Helper. They often range between $60 – $165.
  • Room costs (I am charging a fee for set up, take down, and cleaning the rooms and spitting that with the whole group…approx $75 a person for the entire eight days if there are 6 people)
  • Food costs (I will purchase the food and split it with the whole group…approx $125 – $150 a person for eight days).
  • Travel to and from my home in Amherst, MA


Note: My home is a sanctuary surrounded by 28 acres of wild and beautiful land. I feel that the secluded peacefulness of this environment will support and nurture a deep emersion experience into the Pathwork material and the initiation of becoming a Helper.

I can house 6 people.  I have beds and blow up beds with temperpedic toppings.  One room is for two people.  One room is a single.  One room is for three people.  It is not the Ritz but very comfortable and newly renovated.  If for any reason you wish to stay in a hotel or B&B there are many near by that can accommodate your needs.  This will be an extra cost of at least $100 per night  that you will be responsible for paying.  I can send you a list of places for you to check out if you would like that option.

    PólHTP 2015-2019 (CT)