2016-09-02 Start of In-Person class

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Dear HTP Class:
This September we will be covering three subjects over our 8 days together. First, we will be exploring mediation and prayer in conjunction with diving into the guide lecture material on Jesus Christ. We will work with a workbook of 10 meditations that I have put together to create a focus point for your discovery process into your personal relationship to Jesus Christ and Christ consciousness. Second, we will finish the 15 steps (we need to do the first step in order to integrate and understand the final 15 steps that we have not worked with yet). Last, we will work with transference and counter transference.
Below, is your homework that will help to prepare you for the Jesus Christ part of the class. If you have any difficulty getting this done before class then please make sure you read all the lectures and answer the first two questions. You can do the rest during or after the class.
I really look forward to teaching you this information and helping you to open and deepen your relationship to the opportunity of Christ consciousness at this time on our planet.
Also, I want to inform you that Erna has decided not to continue with the class. She will be writing a letter to let everyone know about her decision and to say good bye to the class.
I want you to know that I am very committed to supporting the rest of you to complete your helpership training no matter how many are in the class so please don’t worry about the shift and changes that are presently occurring.
Much love,

Helpership Training

Amherst, MA

Year 2


Exploring Your Relationship to Jesus Christ

September 20 -27, 2016

Required Reading:

  • #19                  Jesus Christ
  • #22                 Salvation
  • #82                 The Conquest of Duality Symbolized in the Life and Death of Jesus Christ
  • #214                Psychic Nuclear Points
  • #247               The Mass Images of Judaism and Christianity
  • #258               Personal Contact with Jesus Christ – Positive Aggression – The Real Meaning of Salvation

Review:         If you want and have the time please review,

#255, The Birthing Process – Cosmic Pulse



Please read and study the above lectures.

  1. Very often in Lecture Study classes, teaching PTP, and individual sessions, workers will ask, “What is the story of Jesus according to these lectures?” Can you answer this question?  As a helper you will need to know what your relationship is to Jesus Christ (even if that means you do not wish to have one) and how this material represents his life, his life tasks, and the plan of salvation.  After reading the above lectures please write a summary of the story of Jesus according to Pathwork Guide material.  A short summary.  Please don’t feel you have to be perfect or complete here.  This is an on-going discovery process.
  2. Now that you have written the above summary, I would like you to do a self- exploratory meditation, revealing to yourself, your own inner truth in relationship to Jesus Christ. Please type a summary of your meditation or even meditation experiences (if you wish to do more than one.)
  3. a) In reference to lecture #214, please look at an aspect or area of your life where you prefer to be in a numb state and where you choose to deaden your life force rather than be destructive and hurt others.


“At this point you have not yet discovered that there is a choice.  You are frightened of the momentum of the explosion and the charge that is being created by the underlying negative attitude of this particular creation.  Thus you slow down the process, as it were.”  #214 p.8


  1. b) Once you have identified this place in yourself, search for your conscious and unconscious negativity. Own up to this negativity in the spirit of truthfulness, love, and acceptance. Allow yourself to know that you are more than this part by seeing the false ideas and the false concept imbedded in the negative attitude.


  1. c) Next, change your negative intent to a positive one. By changing your intent you are now reviving and enlivening the process.


“It is only when you have that specific understanding that you will dare to revive the energies, the energy charge that lives constantly in every particle of your being: in your spiritual and your material being.  You will than come to dare to allow the charge to flow forth.”  #214 p.9


Note:  It is important to understand the consciousness behind the numbness and the deadness, the consciousness that issues forth a negative intent, as you revive your energies.


  1. d) Please work with a “psychic nuclear point” in your system with the tools of prayer and meditation.


“When you find part of yourself deadened and numbed and are frightened of reviving it, you find yourself in the following position: psychic nuclear points in your system, going into a negative direction, have become frightening.”  #214 p.8


  1. e) Invite Jesus to be your helper in this process. He can take you to and through your nuclear point:


Jesus: “…God as Form, as personal Helper, Friend, Guide, as all-Forgiver, as a Being of translucent light and perfection…” #258, p.8


 When working with a negative intent it is important to ask for help and to not do this alone.  Ask for Jesus, in the spirit of salvation, to assist you in letting go from a negative energetic spiral to a positive one.  Please work with lecture #258 to help you with this part of the process.  Particularly note what the Guide says on pages 6 – 11 of this lecture for guidance.  Please type a summary of your experience.

JC HW, Amherst 2016





Pól2016-09-02 Start of In-Person class

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