2017-03-05 In Person Session

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Understanding Soul Splits,Transference, and Trauma

March 5 – 12, 2016

Dear Helpership Class:

I am really looking forward to being with all of you again.  Below is the homework for our work together on “Understanding Soul Splits,Transference,and Trauma.” The written part of the homework I have decided to incorporate into the class work for our time together in Amherst.  The questions I am asking you to do are a combination of thinking, feeling, being and experiencing, as well as, going beyond thought to guidance in mediation so they will work well with my teaching agenda and as experiential work.

What I would like you to do before coming here is to read each asigned lecture once or twice (if you have time) and to read the book, “Waking the Tiger.”  I would also like you to bring your two personality charts that I have handed out to you for our very first eight day module and the hand out charts on the 15 steps.  One is quite long and the other is only a two page chart by Moira Shaw. If you need me to send you the two page 15 step chart or the 10 page and 1 page personality charts to copy before you get here let me know and I will.  The longer 15 step chart is not in my computer so you might need to ask Pol to do that or have someone else in the class make a copy for you.

Also, I have previously had you do two sparate lists of your parents opposiste traits as an outer manifestiong that represents your inner soul split.  You can bring that list with you and/or create a new one here in class if you can’t find the original one to add to.

Much love,



Required reading:

  • #118:               Duality Through Illusion – Transference
  • #43:                 Personality – Three Types: Reason, Will, and Emotion (review or read again)
  • #99:                 Falsified Impressions of Parents, Their Cause and Cure
  • PRS#3:            God, Man and the Universe (I am sending this lecture separately)
  • #34:                 Preparation for Reincarnation
  • Book               Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine


Charts:           Please bring these charts with you:

  1. Moira Shaw’s Personality Charts.
  2. 1 page Personality Chart summary
  3. The 15 step two page summary by Moira Shaw
  4. The longer 15 step explanation (handed out in your booklet last time you were here)


2017-03-05 Amherst HTP Prep Homework

Pól2017-03-05 In Person Session

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