HTP 2.02 Remote Meeting (5 April 2016)

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Our Zoom meeting is on 5 April 2016, at 5PM EST

Zoom Meeting ID: 738-644-4911

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Our Work

1. Exchange Sessions: 

Give each other an image session, with Worker feedback.

2. Write up each session

from the perspective of the Helper as a case study, and from the perspective of a Worker

Deliverables Due

by May 8

The circle of Helping:

Pol and Erna exchange Sessions

Midori and Lisa exchange Sessions

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Image Form

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Before working, attune with each other and ask for your Higher Selves to guide you in this session. Also call upon the support of your spirit guides. Healing an image is the healing of a soul wound that you came here to heal.

1. Take a current problem in your life and concisely define the problem in a sentence. Notice how you generalize about life as you describe this problem. Such as; “all men are bad,” “all women are irrational,” “there are no good jobs out there,” etc.

2. What emotions and/or feelings do you observe coming up in you as you define the problem? Verbalize the emotions/feelings in concise statements. (i.e., fear, pain, anger, resentment.)

3. Look for a repetitive pattern with this problem. The ER inside of you may talk like this: “this always happens to me no matter how much I try to avoid it or protect myself from it.”

4. Notice your symptoms:

  • The symptoms are merely one part of the price you pay for your wrong and ignorant conclusions.” #38
  • Your inability to overcome certain faults and attitudes
  • Your lack of control over certain happenings in your life that come to you regularly and create a pattern
  • Fears
  • Resistance at specific occasions
  • Exhaustion from training to eliminate the symptoms without first understanding the roots and origin

5. Look for the “common denominator”. (check your handout notes for this explanation)

6. Identify the “pride”. (also check your notes for this explanation)

7. Identify the image.

Feel, sense into, the similarities of the present problem situation and a situation that you experienced in childhood. What childhood experiences comes to mind? What were the childhood hurts that you experienced in this situation?

What might be an image that you formed through this childhood experience and that is involved in the current problem in your life? Include both sides of the duality the image contains in your statement of the image. Example: “If I take care of my mother and I don’t have my own needs than I will be loved. If I have my own needs and say no to my mother than I will be rejected and not loved.”

8. Identify the trauma and shock in relationship to the image.

Symptoms of Shock:

  • Numbness. Your body, mind and nerves may become numb from shock.
  • You can lose your memory where there is shock. Memory comes through feelings not numbness.
  • PTSD
  • Fight, flight and freeze
  • Generalizing about life

9. What are your repressed needs and your ISI in relationship to the Image?

10. What is your Forcing Current?

  • Aggression
  • Submission
  • Withdrawal

11. What do you need to die into? (Refer to hand out notes)

12. Write down the vicious circle of your image so that you can see it on paper. (refer to handouts)

13. Drop into the feeling of shame in relationship to this image.

14. See how you have caused this image and how you have attracted these difficult events in your life to you. Look at this place by taking 100% responsibility for your life.

15. Feel the pain that was inflicted on you as well as the pain you have inflicted on others by being in this defensive pattern and negative attitude towards life.

“Yes, they have made mistakes. I have made mistakes. They were blind and groping and so was I. They were in darkness, I was in darkness. This is regrettable, but this is what we are all here for. And I now lift my head in the dignity of who I AM. I know the greater power within me will help me feel pain I have given, and pain I have received.”

16. It is important to forgive yourself as you forgive others for this wounding. To feel into the beauty of your “Real Self” as you move through the pain of the image defense. As you feel into the you that you are becoming as a result of this image work the pain that you feel can be a relief. It can actually feel pleasurable as the image “dissolves”. What stabilizes the healing of an image is to stabilize/attach to the beauty of your “Real Self” beyond all defenses. That makes it easier to “let go and let God”.

17. Looking at the dualistic image statement, find the unitive truth statement. Use this true concept as an affirmation. Say it several times and feel into the healing power of the words.
Commit to using this unitive statement several times a day for at least 30 days.

18. At any point in the session you may want to explore how the worker’s parents are perfect for triggering this image into reality in this lifetime. To help the worker feel into the spiritual
choice here so that you could resolve this soul trauma and wound in this lifetime.

Note: You may want to explore using the pendulation process we worked with in class to support your worker to move from the trauma and pain of the image to the pleasure of the “Real Self.” This will support the person on an emotional and physical level.

PólHTP 2.02 Remote Meeting (5 April 2016)

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